Over-the-counter eye drops | Eye drops for red eyes

Over-the-counter eye drops

Hyaluronic acid belongs to the over-the-counter eye drops. It is considered moisturizing and can therefore be used very well for dry eyes caused, for example, by lack of sleep, dry air and an air conditioner, or by working in front of the computer for long periods. Tetryzolin is also non-prescription.

These eye drops can reduce redness and swelling. The active ingredients cause blood vessels to shrink, which reduces redness very well. Anti-allergic eye drops containing levocabastine and antazoline also help against reddened eyes.

They are also known as antihistamines. Their mode of action is based on the fact that they reduce the body’s own histamine, which causes itching, so that the symptoms can be effectively reduced. There is a variety of over-the-counter eye drops for red eyes, most of which are available in pharmacies or on the Internet for just a few euros.

Examples of eye drops for red eyes are Visine®, Clear eyes®, Optex®, Hylo-Comod® and Hylo-Protect®. However, there are also many other eye drops from different companies, the ones mentioned here are only examples and by no means a complete list. The eye drops Ophtalmin® contain the active ingredient Tetryzolin hydrochloride.

They have a decongestant effect on both the nasal mucous membrane and the eyes by contracting the small veins in the eye. As the vessels constrict, the redness of the eye is reduced. The eye drops are freely available in pharmacies and usually cost between ten and twenty euros, depending on the size of the package.

You should not take Ophtalmin® if you are allergic to other eye drops. Caution is also advised in case of eye diseases or diseases of the circulation, heart and metabolism and a doctor should be consulted first. Proculin® eye drops contain the active substance naphazolin.

As with Ophtalmin®, they cause a narrowing of the small blood vessels in the eye, resulting in reduced blood circulation and thus less redness of the eye. Proculin® eye drops can be used in cases of eye irritation caused by wind/draft air and allergic itching of the eyes. Caution is also required in case of cardiovascular diseases and metabolic disorders, so that a physician should first assess whether Proculin® eye drops can be taken safely.

Vividrin® can be taken in various forms of administration. The active ingredient is available in the form of tablets as well as eye drops. It is important that the active ingredient cetirizine is included.

This drug is effective against allergic reactions. Therefore, Vividrin® eye drops are especially effective when an allergic irritation and thus reddening of the eye occurs. Typically, allergies to pollen and grasses lead to an allergic inflammation of the conjunctiva. This can be treated with cetirizine.