Plucking the eyebrows


Similar to the eyelashes, the eyebrows have a protective function by protecting the eyes from sweat and wetness. They are also very important in the area of facial expressions, clarifying facial expressions and moods. For example, the eyebrows are pulled up when stunned, which reinforces and emphasizes the typical “eye opening”.

Eyebrows play an underestimated and enormous role in the face recognition of persons. In one trial, for example, images of well-known personalities were shown in which the eyebrows were removed by image processing, which reduced the recognition value of celebrities by 50 percent. The eyebrows also have an aesthetic aspect and are often shaped by plucking them with tweezers to come close to the ideal image, which varies according to fashion and culture.

Pluck eyebrows with the thread

Plucking the eyebrows with a thread is a very precise method that can be used as an alternative plucking technique to the method we use with tweezers. It has its origin in the Arabic world. A great advantage of plucking with a thread is the accuracy with which the eyebrows can be shaped.

You get much finer hairs than you would with tweezers. Since several hairs can be removed in one pluck, plucking the eyebrows with the thread takes much less time than with tweezers. If you have mastered the technique of plucking with the thread, the pain is also described as less severe than with the tweezers.

If one wants to achieve straight forms when plucking eyebrows, the method with the thread is particularly suitable, because only hairs that lie on a straight line can be removed in one go. A disadvantage of plucking the eyebrows with the thread is the danger of removing more hairs than desired in one pluck. This method also requires some practice.

Instructions for plucking the eyebrows with the thread

To do this, you take about 40 centimetres of a thread that should not break, for example a yarn. Its ends must be knotted together and the resulting thread circle should then be stretched between the right and left hand. While one hand remains in its position and keeps the thread under tension, the other hand turns several times, so that the thread is tangled in the middle between the hands, creating an hourglass-shaped figure, one end of which is to be tied between the thumb and forefinger of the left hand and the other between those of the right hand.

If one end of this formation is enlarged by spreading the fingers, the other triangular area becomes correspondingly smaller. Now place the tip of one triangle at the desired hair and spread the fingers of the other side so that the side where the hair is located narrows, thus plucking it out. For example, if the hair grows to the right, you start with the thread in the narrow corner of the left triangle and spread the fingers of your right hand so that the hair is plucked out against the direction in which it grows. You can find videos with instructions on the Internet.