Possible consequences of eyebrow plucking | Plucking the eyebrows

Possible consequences of eyebrow plucking

Usually, plucking the eyebrows is without complications except for brief pain and the hairs grow back at different rates for genetic reasons. However, after plucking the eyebrows several times at the same spot, the hairs may not grow back or only sparsely. Immediately after plucking, the mechanical stress on the skin when the hair is pulled out can cause irritation, causing swelling, redness and pain.

Pluck eyebrows without pain

Plucking the eyebrows is generally known to be painful. In order to relieve this pain or to avoid it as far as possible, some measures can be taken. For example, it is helpful to pluck the eyebrows after a shower if the pores of the skin are open and do not grip the hair quite as tightly.

If you are very sensitive to pain, you can also cool the eyebrow with an ice cube a few seconds before plucking it, so that it becomes less sensitive to pain. The less hair is plucked, the less pain is caused. Therefore, pain can be avoided by orienting the desired shape of the eyebrows close to their natural growth, so that only a few hairs need to be plucked to correct them.

When plucking, pain can be reduced by keeping the skin between two fingers under tension and working quickly. By plucking in the direction of the hair’s growth, as little damage as possible is done to the skin surface, which also helps to reduce pain. Hygiene is also particularly important. The skin of the eyebrow and also the tweezers should be clean to prevent possible inflammations. After plucking, the eyebrow should be left alone, because despite all measures to protect the skin, it still shows small injuries which it now has to regenerate.

Plucking eyebrows in Islam

In Islam, the removal of hair from the face, for cosmetic reasons, and thus also the plucking of eyebrows, is not permitted and is considered “haram” (forbidden). This is based on the reasoning that man is not allowed to interfere with the creation of Allah. Strict teachings therefore hold that a woman should not remove any hair from her face except for a beard.

However, there are consensual interpretations that allow hair growing between the eyebrows to be removed because it is considered a defect, so its removal is not considered haram. Many people find hair on the legs, armpits or even the face disturbing. There are a variety of means or methods available to get rid of the annoying hairs.

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