Prophylaxis | Abscess of the eye


Prevention of an abscess on the eye is possible within certain limits. After injuries they should be cleaned with a disinfectant suitable for skin disinfection. In many cases, this can prevent the bacteria causing the abscess from growing there. As the formation of abscesses is a complication of the infection in bacterial orbital obstruction, it can often be prevented by early treatment of the underlying disease.


Treated early, when systemic symptoms are not yet present, the prognosis of an abscess in the eye is good. It can usually be healed quickly. In this case, however, a doctor should be consulted quickly to avoid serious complications.

If an abscess occurs in the area of the eye socket, the initiation of treatment is decisive for the prognosis. Early treatment can then usually prevent the development of serious complications and long-term damage to the eyes and brain, as well as life-threatening progressions. In case of any doubt, a doctor should always be consulted immediately in order to influence the prognosis of the disease itself in a favourable way.