Prophylaxis | Acute tonsillitis


A specific prevention of tonsillitis is not possible. However, one can try to eliminate risk factors for a disease. A strong immune system is always a basic requirement to avoid an infection.

Influences such as stress, lack of sleep and smoking weaken the immune system and make it susceptible to infection. In contrast, a vitamin-rich diet and plenty of exercise ensure a strong immune system. Especially in the throat area it is important to support the local defence of the mucous membranes.

This is possible by avoiding alcohol and cigarette consumption and instead ensuring that the mucous membranes are well moistened. Usually a high level of humidity is sufficient for this purpose, whereas heating air dries out the mucous membranes. If it is not possible to keep the mucous membranes sufficiently moist due to an illness or even after chemotherapy, lozenges and special sprays that can replace saliva can help.

In naturopathy, oil draughts are also recommended as a preventive measure. This involves gargling with a spoonful of cooking oil in the throat in order to reduce the density of bacteria in the throat.