Prophylaxis | Age spots on the hand


As age spots are mainly caused by long-term UV exposure, the use of a hand cream with high UV protection is advisable to prevent the development of the spots. Even in the transition months the danger of the dangerous radiation can be higher than it might appear, which is why such a cream for the hands is recommended all year round. Visits to tanning salons should be avoided, as should prolonged exposure of the hands to direct sunlight.

Especially if you have a light skin type, which is especially risky for the appearance of age spots, precautions should be taken early on. As the long-term consumption of alcohol and cigarettes could also be associated with age spots, it is important to avoid taking these substances as a prevention of age spots, and of course other diseases. The prophylaxis against age spots on the hand is doubly recommended, as most causes for the appearance of age spots are also the cause of malignant skin diseases and should therefore be avoided if possible.

Age spots are benign pigmentary discolorations which occur mainly at an advanced age. They preferably occur on skin areas that are frequently exposed to sunlight. Here you will get to the topic: Age spotsAge spotsAge spots are a natural change of the skin that appears in the course of life.

The pigment deposits occur preferably on the face, which is often exposed to UV radiation. Click here to get to the topic: Age spots on the face. Age spots are a natural skin phenomenon that appear especially at an advanced age. Many people find these pigment deposits disturbing and look for ways to remove them. Here you will get to the topic: Removing age spots