Prophylaxis | Aspirin and alcohol – is that compatible?


There is no specific prophylaxis against side effects which can be associated with the simultaneous intake of Aspirin® and alcohol. In general, it is not advisable to take both substances at close intervals or to take both substances regularly. Since other pain medication in combination with alcohol has a more favourable profile, a change to another medication may be advisable under certain circumstances. Likewise, avoiding alcohol can help to reduce the increased likelihood of complications when taking Aspirin®.


In summary, taking Aspirin® and alcohol at the same time is not recommended. If both substances are taken at the same time, dangerous side effects can occur, some of which can be life-threatening. For this reason, a doctor should always be consulted if stomach bleeding is suspected.

Depending on the symptoms and the results of further diagnostics, the doctor can initiate the subsequent therapy. The risk of gastric bleeding in particular increases sharply when taking Aspirin® and alcohol. This is due to the effect on the production of the mucus layer in the stomach, the gastric acid, as well as the direct effect of the substances on the cells of the stomach mucosa.

If you regularly consume alcohol, other drugs should be preferred when choosing the pain medication used for these reasons. In this case, both the treating doctor and the pharmacy staff can provide advice.