Removing on the thigh


Stubborn fat pads on the thighs, so-called jodhpurs, cellulite and stretch marks bother many women on their legs. There are various reasons why you want to lose weight on your thighs, and ways to get slim legs. The fat on the thighs can be tackled with sport, healthy eating or fat injections. For nasty breeches and cellulite on the back of the thighs, there are specific leg exercises to tighten the tissue.

What are the options for losing weight on the thigh?

If you only want to lose weight on your thighs because you are satisfied with the rest of your body, a strict diet is not necessary. With a diet, you lose weight all over your body. This means that in order to lose weight specifically on the problem zone of the thighs, starvation is of little use.

Instead, you should eat a low-fat, high-fibre diet. The food should be healthy, ready meals, sweets and sugared drinks should be avoided. You should also drink as much water as possible.

You can lose weight particularly well and specifically on your legs if you get enough exercise and do weight training. One builds up the muscle tissue of the thighs with sport and discipline and thus reduces the circumference. In order to get rid of excess fat, you should do endurance sports regularly.

Only specific fitness exercises can help against nasty breeches and cellulite. A good exercise programme in combination with a healthy diet is purposeful. If you can’t get rid of the fat pads despite all the effort, you can consider a fat-way injection (injection lipolysis), which will melt the pounds.

A healthy diet, a targeted fitness programme, the fat-away injection or even plastic surgery can lead to weight loss in the thighs. It is also possible to lose weight on the inside of the thighs. Sport is the best way to combat the nasty fat on the thighs.

An effective method to build up muscles in the right places is targeted strength training on the legs. This builds up the muscles, which in turn burns more fat. You can do exercises for the legs on machines in the gym, free exercises at home or in nature.

In addition to specific exercises for the leg muscles, it is recommended to do endurance sports to melt the fat. For losing weight on the thigh, swimming, cycling and Nordic walking are particularly suitable. Such compensatory sports also help to relax the muscles that have been strained by the weight training.

This also has a positive effect on skin firmness and endurance. If you want to lose weight on your thighs without exercising, you should not go hungry under any circumstances. If you starve as part of a radical diet, you lose weight all over your body and as soon as you start eating “normally” again after the diet, the risk of the dreaded yoyo effect is particularly high.

During a diet, the metabolism switches to the low flame, the calorie intake then suddenly increases sharply, it puts on the food, the “energy”, in the form of fat pads to be prepared for another bad time. This means that instead of a diet, one should fall back on a healthy, low-calorie diet. If you would like to lose weight without exercise, the Fat-Away-Injection can be an alternative to lose weight specifically on the thigh.

The injection melts the fat quickly and for a long time, but the applications are relatively expensive at €200 to €450 per application, as several applications are often necessary. A massage with good creams or peelings with alkaline salt tightens the skin and makes beautiful legs. Alternating showers with cold and warm water tighten the connective tissue and effectively firm the thighs.

Squats (knee bends) are great exercises for the thighs and bottom. They are very strenuous, but quickly lead to success. You open your legs a bit more than hip-wide, the toes of your feet point forward and your stomach is tense.

Then you bend your knees, lift your arms forward and go nice and deep. The bottom is pushed backwards during the movement and the knees always stay behind the toes. 3 x 15 repetitions every other day and you will feel and see positive changes after 1 – 2 weeks.

Lunges are similarly effective for the legs as squats. You stand upright, your legs are open to the width of your hips and your abdomen is tight. You then take a big lunge step forward with your left leg, again the knee never extends beyond the tip of the foot.

Bend your right leg deeply down with small movements and do 15 repetitions on each side. The side lifter is an exercise to effectively train the inner and outer sides of the thighs. You lie on your side and support your upper body by leaning on your right forearm.

The left hand is supported in front of the abdomen and the legs are stretched straight so that the body forms a line. The belly is tensed and the left leg is lifted completely stretched out. Another good exercise for the thighs is the leg pusher.

Here you stand in a four-footed position, your arms stretched under your shoulders and your knees under your hips. The legs are slightly opened. Then you release the right leg and bend the knee about 90 degrees, with the sole of the foot pointing upwards.

Lift the leg to hip level and slowly push it up and down again. For the side lifter and the leg pusher 3 x 20 repetitions for each side are recommended. Diets are generally a popular and effective way to lose weight.

If you want to lose weight specifically on your thighs, you should be aware that by dieting you lose weight all over your body. Which parts of the body you lose weight first and how much you lose in the process is different for each person. The weight loss with a diet depends strongly on the initial situation and the distribution of fat in the body.

If you only want to lose weight on your thighs and are otherwise slim, it is easier to lose weight specifically on your legs as part of a diet than if you are, for example, more sturdily built overall. If you are planning to lose weight generally or specifically on the thighs, you should try a low-calorie, low-fat diet with balanced and healthy foods. Low-carb diets that can be made over a longer period of time are well suited.

You can effectively support the diet if you also exercise. By building up muscles, more fat is burnt and the body gets into shape. If you want to lose weight by changing your diet on the thigh, the diet should be low-calorie, healthy and balanced so that the body burns more fat. As with losing weight on the thigh with diet, a healthy change in diet generally results in weight loss throughout the body. This means that you cannot lose weight only or specifically on your thigh when you change your diet or go on a diet.