Scientifically proven | Anabolic steroids effects and side effects

Scientifically proven

To date, it has not yet been possible to clarify whether the negative side effects are caused by anabolic steroids themselves or depend on the dosage. In the literature, daily dosage recommendations can be found for different disciplines. In weight lifting, the goal is to achieve good strength and rapid strength development.

It is therefore recommended to administer ten to 100 times the therapeutic amount. The same dosage recommendation is given to bodybuilding, where it is about increasing muscle mass. In the disciplines of athletics (speed and endurance), it is recommended to administer one to two times the therapeutic dose.

Stacking is recommended to keep the dosage within limits. Stacking describes the change between different of the 17 known anabolic substances. Therapeutic quantity is a quantity used in medicine to treat diseases. This is also the original origin of anabolic steroids.