Side effect of the diet | Slimming with tea

Side effect of the diet

Losing weight with tea is generally a harmless diet, as the body does not have to do without nutrients with two remaining main meals. Deficiency symptoms do not occur. In addition, tea is generally practically calorie-free but at the same time very rich in nutrients.

It is therefore generally a very healthy drink that has many positive effects on our body. If a meal is replaced by tea and several litres are drunk throughout the day, the body burns more energy and finally fat. The kidneys have to work very hard due to the high fluid intake.

Therefore a side effect is that you have to urinate very often. This can be disturbing in professional life. You must also be careful not to drink caffeinated tea in the evening. Especially directly before going to sleep, it is not recommended because the caffeine keeps you awake and makes it difficult to fall asleep.

Criticism of the diet

In order to lose weight in the long term and maintain the desired weight, a balanced diet and regular exercise are essential. Losing weight with tea is suitable for losing weight quickly, but is not a long-term diet. Exercise is not included in the diet, although it is precisely this that burns calories directly and builds muscle. Muscles generally stimulate the metabolism and shape the body.

What risks does the diet entail?

Losing weight with tea bears the danger of the yoyo effect. The diet is only suitable for a few days. If the eating habits change radically after the diet, the body suddenly absorbs many more calories and the weight rises again quickly.

How can I avoid the yoyo effect with this diet?

To avoid the yoyo effect when losing weight with tea, it can help to slowly change your diet after the diet. If you fall back into old patterns after 5 days of weight loss with tea, the weight is quickly back on your hips. If, however, the diet is changed in a healthy and balanced way and the calories are not radically increased after the diet, it is possible to lose weight in the long term and maintain the desired weight. It also helps to introduce light sports units during the diet and to increase them slowly.

Medical evaluation of the diet

The principle of this diet is very light, the tea is a good dietary support and helps effectively in losing weight. Tea can be well prepared in thermos flasks for dieting at work and the cost is affordable. In principle, there is no need to count calories in this diet.

On the other hand, the success of the diet increases significantly if the two remaining main meals are healthy and low-fat. The risk of the yoyo effect is high with this diet, but can be prevented. Therefore a long-term change of diet is necessary. That is why we consider tea to be a very good and healthy supplement to the diet, but less effective as a single diet for permanent weight loss. A combination of a balanced, low calorie diet with regular exercise is best.