Side effects and interactions of Actimel | Actimel®

Side effects and interactions of Actimel

Actimel® is not a medical device and therefore has no proven side effects or interactions. The possible interactions of Actimel® can also be attributed to its dairy ingredients. For example, there are some drugs, including antibiotics, that are not sufficiently absorbed and therefore cannot work in combination with dairy products. Ask your doctor or pharmacist about this; you will usually find this information in the package insert.

Dosage of Actimel

Danone’s recommended dosage of Actimel® is one vial of 100ml in the morning.

How much does Actimel® cost?

Actimel® can be found over the counter in many supermarkets. There are different pack sizes, and often larger packs are cheaper per milliliter than “economy packs”. 8 bottles of Actimel® cost about 3 Euro.

Actimel® and alcohol – is it compatible?

There are no known interactions between Actimel® or yoghurt products and alcoholic beverages. However, if you use yoghurt products to strengthen your immune system or to aid your natural digestion, you should seek medical advice on a healthy diet. This will then also shed light on the possible negative effects of alcohol on these problems. This could also be of interest to you: Consequences of alcohol

Actimel® or Yakult?

Yakult® is a Japanese probiotic yogurt drink, which in many countries can be found over the counter in supermarkets. Yakult® and Actimel® are very similar in terms of ingredients and contain a similar strain of lactic acid bacteria. From a medical point of view, neither product can be preferred over the other. It should be noted that Yakult® contains over 14 grams of sugar per 100 ml (Actimel® 10.5g) – that is more than 100 ml of Coca Cola.

Is Actimel® lactose free?

Actimel® yoghurt naturally contains milk sugar, known as lactose, and can therefore cause gastrointestinal problems in cases of lactose intolerance. A lactose-free variant does not exist at present.

How many calories does Actimel® contain?

Actimel® currently has several product lines with different nutritional values on the market. The classic Actimel® has 71kcal and 10.5 grams of sugar per bottle (100ml). The Actimel® variant with 0.1% fat comes to 28kcal with 3.3 grams of sugar. The figures vary with the different flavours. For comparison: 100 grams of natural yoghurt with 1.5% fat comes to 47kcal and 5.0 grams of sugar.

Is Actimel® allowed during pregnancy?

There are no contraindications for Actimel® and other probiotic yoghurt products in pregnancy and lactation.

What varieties of Actimel® are available?

Actimel® is available in the classic version and the lighter version with only 0.1% fat content. Both varieties are available in different flavors such as classic, strawberry and vanilla.

Is Actimel® gluten-free?

Actimel® is gluten-free.