Side effects of losing weight with amino acids | Slimming with amino acids

Side effects of losing weight with amino acids

If food supplements containing amino acids such as carnitine or citrulline are taken in the recommended amounts, no side effects are to be expected. These only occur in case of overdose, i.e. if amino acids are taken in a significantly increased concentration over a longer period of time. Overdosage can result in strong sweating, increased body temperature and dehydration.

It can also lead to gastrointestinal complaints such as diarrhoea, nausea and vomiting. In case of a severe overdose over a long period of time, organs such as liver and kidneys may also suffer. Care should be taken not to ingest variations of L-carnitine such as D-carnitine or other variations that are not permitted in many countries because of the risks involved. If you are taking a dietary supplement containing L-carnitine that is available in drugstores or pharmacies and you follow the dosage recommendations, you normally do not need to worry about side effects.

What are the risks / dangers of “Losing weight with amino acids”?

Amino acids are generally not harmful as they occur naturally in our body and perform important functions that make them essential to life. If you suffer from kidney weakness and your kidney function is restricted, you should avoid preparations containing amino acids. If the kidneys cannot excrete excess amino acids, they accumulate in the body and can be harmful. Even with healthy kidney function, one should strictly adhere to the dosage recommendations when taking dietary supplements containing amino acids in order to avoid side effects caused by overdosing.

Medical evaluation of the diet

Slimming with amino acids is a dietary supplement that is designed to boost fat burning and make training more effective depending on the amino acids you take. L-carnitine stimulates the fat metabolism, while L-citrulline is used as a fat burner and workout booster. This means that amino acids promote weight loss with a healthy diet and regular training.

If you change neither diet nor sports behaviour, you can indeed observe a slimming success, but very low with 400 grams of fat loss in one month. That is why amino acids are a good way of increasing weight loss with effective training and good nutrition. If one follows the recommended dosage of the preparations, no side effects are to be expected, as the amino acids taken occur naturally in our body. There is only a danger if the dosage is enormous over a longer period of time or if kidney function is restricted.

What alternatives are there for losing weight with amino acids?

If you want to lose weight very quickly, radical mono diets are very popular, with pounds dropping in a few days. Examples are turbo diets with shakes, like Almased®, Yokebe® or Doppelherz®, or mono diets like the fruit diet, vegetable diet and cabbage soup diet. A major disadvantage here, however, is the great danger of a yo-yo effect after the end of the diet.

If you want to lose weight in the long term and do without food supplements such as amino acids, low-carb diets are often tried out. In this case the carbohydrates on the diet are reduced and proteins and dietary fibres are put in the foreground. These diets can be better integrated into everyday working life than mono diets, especially shake diets, where hunger is often great.

Examples of low-carb diets are the Atkins diet, which prescribes a specific phase programme with disciplined sports units, or the Logi method and Glyx diet, in which the glycaemic index of individual foods plays an important role. Exercise and a healthy lifestyle support every diet and help to burn more calories and shape the body through targeted muscle building. One should start slowly and gradually increase the training.