Slimming with salts


What’s the process of losing weight?

There are different protocols for taking a cure with salts, even whole books about how to proceed with a certain weight loss strategy. The intake plans range from at least one to several weeks. Most plans last from four to six weeks.

What most of them have in common is that in the beginning there is usually a more frequent intake of several salts at the same time, which changes over time. However, the combination of several salts is usually maintained. The intake is usually in the form of tablets that are sucked and should be taken before meals if possible.

Alternatively, the tablets can first be dissolved in hot water and then drunk. If possible, ceramic vessels should be used and no metal spoons should be used for stirring. According to expert opinion, wooden spoons are more suitable because they interact less with the active ingredients. The most suitable protocol should be discussed individually with a doctor, pharmacist or alternative practitioner in advance in order to find the best possible combination in each individual case and to clarify possible intolerances in advance. Also concomitant diseases and accompanying therapeutic measures should not be disregarded.

Which salts are used?

For a slimming cure with salts, experts recommend a number of many different salts. The salts No. 4, 9 and 10 are in the centre of attention.

Salt No. 4, also called Sodium Chloratum, is said to have a strengthening effect on the metabolism. Toxins in the body are supposed to be broken down faster and nutrients are supposed to be better utilized.

Sometimes it is also called the salt of the mucous membranes, because it is supposed to have a protective effect there as well. It is also said to help prevent ravenous appetite attacks and to promote sufficient water intake. Salt No.

9 is the sodium phosphoricum and is primarily intended to stimulate the fat metabolism in order to break down excess fatty tissue more quickly. It is also supposed to help prevent over-acidification of the organism through the premature breakdown of certain metabolic products. This salt is also said to increase the motivation to move and to make you feel thirsty.

Salt No. 10 is the sodium sulfuricum. It is supposed to support the body in the excretion of toxic substances and stimulate the metabolism.

Excess water should also be better excreted. In addition to these three main salts, salts No. 22, 23 and 27 are also sometimes used for weight loss.

Salt No. 22, the Calcium Carbonicum, is said to have a positive effect on the bone metabolism and a positive effect on the mood. Salt No.

23, the Sodium Bicarbonicum in combination with salt No. 9 can counteract hyperacidity of the body. Salt No. 27, also known as Potassium Bichromicum, is supposed to support the body, especially in detoxification, and help it to better eliminate waste products. This salt is also said to help the cells regenerate more frequently.