Sport in the case of acute gastric mucosa inflammation | Acute gastritis

Sport in the case of acute gastric mucosa inflammation

In the case of gastritis, sports in the acute phase should be avoided. Symptoms such as nausea, vomiting and stomach pain usually require a compulsory break on their own. It is important to allow the body to rest for regeneration.

After surviving the acute phase after 1-2 days, moderate exercise can be started. In the beginning the movement can be a light walk. If stress is the trigger for the acute gastritis, sport can help to reduce stress and even support the healing process. However, you should listen carefully to your body and continue to pause if you feel unwell.

Duration of acute gastritis

Acute gastritis is a disease pattern that often starts suddenly and can be accompanied by nausea, vomiting and severe pain. Depending on the severity of the inflammation of the stomach lining, the symptoms will be correspondingly milder or more pronounced and the healing and treatment phase will be correspondingly longer or shorter. In most cases, the acute inflammation of the gastric mucosa is food-related and only moderately pronounced and will subside completely within a few days after appropriate treatment.

The treatment should be continued for a few days after the symptoms have subsided in order to protect the regenerated stomach lining. Many patients experience the symptoms after alcohol consumption. This form of acute inflammation of the stomach lining usually subsides within a day if alcohol is avoided and irritating food is avoided.

Drug treatment is only necessary for a few days if the symptoms are pronounced. If the complaints persist for longer, the risk of the inflammation spreading to larger areas of the stomach lining is increased and the healing and treatment time will be correspondingly longer and may even last weeks or months. The exact duration of the treatment should be adapted to the symptoms and is therefore not predictable individually.

Massive manifestations of the acute gastritis, which also affect vessels in the stomach lining, are rare, and will take an even longer course if the affected vessels have to renew themselves as well as the stomach lining. A certificate of incapacity to work should be issued for the acute period with massive nausea, vomiting and abdominal pain. This is usually sufficient for 1-2 days.

A longer sick leave or even an inpatient stay in hospital is only reserved for massive courses or is necessary in case of complications such as a gastric bleeding. Everyone can influence the duration of the acute gastritis by following the applicable dietary and behavioural rules and contribute to a faster recovery.