Stinging in the chest when coughing | Stinging in the chest

Stinging in the chest when coughing

If a prick in the chest occurs when coughing, a cold or the virus flu may be the cause. Especially when other symptoms such as fever, rhinitis and indisposition are added. Otherwise a stabbing in the chest when coughing also occurs in the case of pneumonia, esophagitis or pneumothorax (collapsed lung).

Stinging in the chest while drinking

Stinging pains in the chest can occur if the drink is either too hot or too cold, if you drink too fast, or if you choke while drinking and some of the liquid accidentally gets into the windpipe. If a stinging in the breast occurs more frequently while drinking, this can be an indication of a disease of the oesophagus, e.g. a difficulty in swallowing, an inflammation of the oesophagus, a hernia at the junction with the stomach or a tumor that constricts the oesophagus and therefore causes pain.