Sudden improvement of depression | What could be signs of suicide?

Sudden improvement of depression

Once the decision to commit suicide is made, the person has a plan and a purpose for the rest of his life. For people who have suffered from depression for a long time and have lost control over their own lives, the decision to commit suicide is a relief. In most cases, these people therefore tend to be calm and composed before their suicide rather than depressed and agitated. So what looks like an improvement in the person’s condition for laypeople is actually the calm before the storm, the suicide.

Social withdrawal

Depressive thought patterns and suicidal thoughts isolate those affected and isolate them from their social environment. Depressive and suicidal thoughts are symptoms of an illness, they impose themselves and cannot be ignored. This makes dealing with family and friends very difficult.

After all, someone who is so seriously mentally ill cannot simply switch off his or her worries and fears in order to meet friends and spread good cheer. Dealing with other people is therefore very stressful for those affected when negative thoughts are constantly forced upon them and they feel excluded from normal life. So suicidal thoughts lead to people being lonely, even when they are surrounded by family and friends.

Being alone is simply easier for them, because they don’t have to pretend to be anything and are no burden to anyone. This social withdrawal, however, increases the feeling of loneliness for a longer period of time and isolates them more and more in their difficult situation. It also makes it difficult for the environment to perceive warning signs of mental illness and signs of an attempted suicide. Social withdrawal is therefore one of the reasons why a suicide often comes as a surprise to the surroundings, even though the person concerned has been suffering from suicidal thoughts for a long time.

The conclusion of unfinished business

Most suicides are meticulously prepared and the person concerned wants to finish all unfinished things in his life beforehand. Such warning signs are highly suspicious, as they indicate that the person concerned is already planning the suicide in great detail. Many people try to come to terms with themselves and others before they die, for example by settling old quarrels and conflicts.

Also the disposal of property and assets, for example in the form of a will or last will, is important to many before their death. Some even give away their pets so that they do not remain unprovided for after suicide. If you suspect suicidal thoughts in an acquaintance, you should pay attention to such warnings.

Special features for young people at risk of suicide

Expectations are placed on children and young people which are not always comprehensible to adults, but which expose young people to enormous social and psychological pressure which they cannot cope with. Suicides in adolescence are therefore unfortunately not uncommon. Before that, certain warning signals occur which need to be interpreted.

These include, and many more, symptoms that indicate mental stress or depression. In addition, young people deal with (free) death, for example the suicides of famous people. Most of them even announce the suicide attempt more or less directly, talk about suicide on their own initiative or write about it in their diary or in online forums.

In addition, many give away their favourite things and give away their pets when they plan their own death. Especially children and young people from difficult backgrounds and with a psychological background should pay attention to these signs. . – . social withdrawal,

  • Difficulties at school and in everyday life,
  • Listlessness,
  • Mood swings,
  • Aggressive behavior,
  • Lying, alcohol or drug use,
  • Physical symptoms such as headaches or abdominal pain,
  • A low self-confidence with feelings of shame or guilt