Tasks of the eyebrows | Eyebrows

Tasks of the eyebrows

Together with the eyelashes, the eyebrows belong to the skin appendages of the face. They form a protective barrier for the sensitive eye and prevent sweat, moisture, dust and other foreign bodies from entering the eye and damaging it. They also keep out cold wind or draughts that can dry out the eye. At the same time, the eyebrows are important for communication because they function as mimic organs (frowning, surprise, fear). The movement of the eyebrows is controlled by the mimic musculus corrugator cilii (eyebrow frowner) and the musculus frontalis (eyebrow lifter).

Eyebrow Growth

The growth of eyebrows is very similar to the growth of all hair on the body. It starts from the hair follicle, i.e. from the layers that connect to the hair root. The growth of eyebrows can be divided into three phases.

Beautiful, thick eyebrows are a dream of every woman. In the following article you can read how to accelerate or even stop the growth of your eyebrows: Eyebrow Growth

  • In the growth phase (anagen phase) a hair follicle is formed. Its layers grow and form a hair that increases in length.

During this phase, eyebrows grow about 1.1 mm per week. However, this speed and also the duration of the growth phase can vary greatly from person to person. Most eyebrow hairs are in the growth phase.

  • In the transitional phase (catagenic phase), the layers of the hair follicle stop growing. The cells there no longer divide. The hair root is no longer properly supplied and eventually becomes horny.

In the process, it is rejected by the hair follicle, eventually the hair falls out. Eyebrows grow about 10 months before they fall out. – In the resting phase (telogen phase), the connective tissue, in which the hair follicle and hair root were embedded, forms anew. This connective tissue is called the hair papilla. Finally, a new hair follicle is formed in the new hair papilla, which passes into the growth phase.

Eyebrow care

Plucking the eyebrows is part of basic facial care for almost every woman. There are a few rules that should be followed so that the later shape of the eyebrows matches the face and it does not look unnatural. You should look at the shape of your face before plucking, you should also take the natural shape of the eyebrows into account.

It is important to pay attention to curls, or whether the brows are curved, straight, full, or rather narrow. When plucking the eyebrows, one should always follow the original shape of the brows. Another important point is to pay attention to the shape of the face.

There are a few important rules for this. If you have a rather angular or angular face, the eyebrow should also have a similar shape. If you have a more heart-shaped face, the brows should look as natural as possible and be plucked so that they have a soft shape.

If you have a rather round face, you should keep the natural arch of the eyebrow and only emphasize the arch. This will make the face look narrower. If you have a rather narrow face, it is important to keep your brows thick and thick and to pluck the brow arch thinner.

Before plucking, one should be clear how long the brows should be. You can draw a line for this with a pencil, brush etc. The first line should border the eyebrows towards the middle.

The line runs along the outer nostril, vertically upwards. Where it crosses the eyebrows, they should begin. A second line should mark the highest point of the eyebrows.

Again, the reference point is the outer wing of the nose. Then the line goes right through the pupil of the eye and where it crosses the eyebrow should later be the highest point. Finally, one needs an outer boundary.

Again, the line starts from the outer wing of the nose and runs past the outer corner of the eye. When it comes to plucking, one should make sure that the hairs remain above the eyebrows and only pluck below them. Initially, the hairs are combed upwards and then the excess hairs are cut away with fine scissors.

The same is done in the other direction. You comb the hairs downwards and cut away the hairs that stick out. To minimize the pain, use good tweezers and pull the skin as tight as possible.

The best time to cut the eyebrows is after a shower, because the pores are widened here. This makes it easier to remove the individual hairs. As mentioned above, first brush the hairs to the side and cut away any excess hairs.

Now comb the hairs downwards or upwards and cut the excess hairs away again. You should never cut hairs away from the middle, because the eyebrows can quickly become too thin or even show bald spots in some places. Although eyebrows grow back quickly, the immediate result does not look nice.

Cutting is usually only done to accompany the subsequent plucking of the eyebrows, as the small hairs that always grow back outside the plucked brow cannot simply be cut away. Especially when people have very light eyebrows, tinting can help to make the eyes look more radiant and better highlighted. It is important to find the right colour that fits into the overall picture.

For example, if you are generally a rather light type, then it would be a mistake to color your eyebrows very dark, as this looks unnatural and the eyebrows will then be highlighted too much. To get a perfect result, you can have your eyebrows tinted at the beauty salon or hairdresser. But it is also possible to do this yourself.

You need a colour developer (hydrogen) and a colour cream that matches the colour. When you mix the hydrogen and the colour it is important to pay attention to the correct mixing ratio, which you can read on the package insert or on the product packaging. The mixed colour is best applied with an eyelash brush to catch even the smallest and finest hairs.

Immediately after applying the colour you should wipe away the excess colour and everything that has come directly onto the skin and then allow it to soak in for approx. 5 to 10 minutes (depending on the instructions). Afterwards you can wipe off the paint with a cotton ball. The longer the colour has been left to soak in, the darker the final result will be.