Tests for adults | ADS diagnosis in adults

Tests for adults

The tests that the physician performs with the patient vary according to the guideline. These include behavioural tests, intelligence tests, concentration tests and many more, which provide the doctor with information about the patient’s psychological state and performance. For the patient himself there are many questionnaires and self-tests.

Official bodies such as the WHO, the central ADHD network, the DGPPN, an association of psychiatrists and many more offer screening and differentiation tests to assign symptoms to an ADHD disease and determine the type. These tests are only meaningful if they have been filled out truthfully and an experienced physician confirms the results after detailed diagnosis. The typical symptoms also occur in a similar constellation in other diseases, which must be excluded by the doctor.

In order to be able to diagnose ADS reliably, a visit to a doctor is always necessary. The various tests are very useful, as they show the patient his own illness and make him aware of the accompanying symptoms. The self-testing can thus form a basis for understanding the disease and for successful therapy.

Which doctor diagnoses ADHD?

As with most diseases, the first point of contact is the family doctor. If he has experience with the clinical picture, he can make the diagnosis and initiate therapy. For further clarification and to exclude other diseases, psychiatrists, neurologists and other specialists are necessary, depending on the complex of symptoms. The family doctor estimates the extent of the illness and refers the patient to the necessary colleagues.