The Aspen Bach Flower

Description of the Aspen flower

The tree is widespread. In March or April the male hanging and the female round catkins appear, before the leaves break out.

State of Mind

One has inexplicable anxieties, fear of impending disaster, fear of expectation, “fear of fear”, “trembling like aspen leaves”.

Peculiarity Children

Children tend to have nightmares and sleepwalking and always need some light to fall asleep. They often react anxiously and negatively to everyday situations, even though there is no reason to do so.

Pronouncement adults

People who need Aspen were born with one skin too few. Without knowing it, they are flooded with thoughts, images and feelings from the subconscious more than other individuals. This cannot be categorized and creates fear.

A fear that is strong and causes goose bumps but you do not know exactly what it is. One cannot do anything about it and has the feeling that something terrible might happen. These people are afraid of the darkness and run the risk of being fascinated by occult, magic ideas.

Aspen-minded people have an antenna for emerging conflicts and psychological tension. They react very sensitively to all disturbances and suddenly feel uncomfortable in the midst of happy people. Through this ability to feel fear or discomfort in the air, they consume a lot of energy. The fears remain vague and undefined and so one does not have the possibility to talk about them with other people.

Aim of the Aspen brook blossom

People who need and use Aspen experience how the vague fears become less and easier to process and deal with. The inner confidence grows.