The Bach Flower Centaury

Description of the flower Centaury

Grows in dry fields and along roadsides. Small, pink flowers appear from June to August and only open in good weather.

State of Mind

You have a weak will of your own. One cannot say no, the wishes of others are overrated, one is good-natured and easily exploited.

Peculiarity Children

Children in the Centaury state are exploited and suppressed. They give away toys, let themselves be persuaded to do all kinds of things, they can’t say “no” for fear of losing sympathy and rejection. At home they are well-behaved, do not contradict, are easy to care for and always do what they are told. These children must learn that they can say no without losing the love and affection of their parents or other people.

Pronouncement adults

In people in the Centaury state, the positive qualities of helping and devotion to another person are distorted. They may be under the influence of a stronger personality that takes advantage of their helpfulness. “I just can’t say no, I can’t refuse him a wish!”

Centaury people express themselves in a similar way. They expect a lot from themselves and are tired and overworked, but they hardly suffer from this condition because they don’t realize that they neglect their own path in life because of their service to others. Behind this is the desire for recognition and confirmation.

In this state one easily falls under the influence of certain people or groups. One submits, is adapted, can be manipulated and becomes a follower. At the same time, one is extremely sensitive, can easily be made insecure and is vulnerable.

Thus one suddenly becomes ill without knowing why. A change in this state of mind costs a lot of energy, because the environment does not want this change (you are being served). This means perseverance despite withdrawal of love.

Aim of the Bach flower Centaury

In a positive Centaury state, people can integrate well into groups to serve a good cause without giving up their own personality.