The Bach flower Cerato

Description of the flower Cerato

Cerato does not grow wild but cultivated in gardens. The small, tube-shaped, pale blue flowers appear in August and September.

State of Mind

There is a lack of confidence in one’s own intuition and judgement. One suffers from insecurity.

Peculiarity Children

Children in Cerato condition find it difficult to choose between, for example, ice cream and chocolate, tractor or car. The decisions are questioned anxiously and the doubt remains whether one has chosen the right thing. Sentences like “What should I do, what should I wear?” are typical and you hear them a hundred times a day. The children seem insecure and dependent and run the risk of adopting the behaviour of other children, can easily be “underchallenged” and become followers.

Pronouncement adults

People in the Cerato state find it difficult to accept their own correct findings and put them into practice. Emotionally, they know the right answer to the respective problem, but their mind does not allow them to act accordingly. Already made decisions are doubted in the next moment.

One looks for the answer outside in theories, teachings or draws on the experience and advice of other people. Cerato people know a lot, but hoard knowledge like a savings account but can’t use it, can’t apply it. You constantly ask your fellow human beings questions like: “What would you do in my place? Actually I know, but I’m not sure!”. You often harm yourself against your better knowledge (you let yourself be talked into it) and may appear simple-minded and stupid to others.

Aim of the Cerato stream flowering

People who need Cerato have to learn to trust their own inner voice and knowledge and make safe decisions.