The Bach flower Cherry Plum

Description of the flower Cherry Plum

The tree can grow to a height of three or four metres. The flowers are white and open between February and April before the leaves break out.

State of Mind

One is afraid of oneself. Fear of uncontrolled actions, temperamental outbursts and short-circuiting.

Peculiarity Children

Children in this state suffer from an inner tension. Very emotional children who are expected to behave in a disciplined and controlled manner. Spontaneous expressions of emotion are not desired and it is precisely these children who suffer from this.

It can then lead to tantrums, screaming or shouting apparently out of the blue. The children are unconsciously afraid to let their feelings run free. Biting nails, bed-wetting occurs, on the ground of this inner tension.

Pronouncement adults

One sits on an inner powder keg and is afraid that it could blow up at any time. Your nerves are strained to the breaking point, you feel violent thoughts and are afraid to do something you might regret for the rest of your life. In the foreground is the fear of one’s own inner negative and destructive forces, uncontrolled short-circuit actions, the fear of losing one’s mind.

Target of the brook blossom Cherry Plum

People who need Cherry Plum have to learn that there are always good and bad powers in the subconscious. One learns to show calmness in situations that create tension and develops strength, spontaneity and courage.