The Bach flower Clematis

Description of the flower Clematis

Climbing plant Clematis which grows in forests and hedges, but is also cultivated in gardens. The beautiful flowers unfold from July to September.

State of Mind

One shows little interest in the present, is completely elsewhere with one’s thoughts, does not register what is happening around one. You are a daydreamer.

Peculiarity Children

Children in clematis condition are very quiet and therefore comfortable when they are very small. As they grow older, however, it becomes more and more noticeable that they are absent-minded and seem absent as if they were not there. “Hans look in the air”!..

The children are sensitive, dreamy and inattentive in school lessons, unfocused and without motivation. They like to be alone and they don’t care what other children think of them, they are in their dream world. A striking feature is their artistic talent, the children are creative and imaginative.

Pronouncement adults

Clematis people are wanderers between the worlds and withdraw from the troublesome present into their own dream castles. They always seem a little dazed, are rarely wide awake, and like to sleep. Those who need clematis often suffer from a certain absent-mindedness, the head feels empty, the memory is not the best.

One is known as the “absent-minded professor”. One often bumps into objects and runs the risk of being involved in accidents due to one’s dreaminess. The instinct of self-preservation is weak and when you are ill there is no real will to get well again.

One gets the impression that clematis people would not mind leaving this earth to be reunited with a loved one in the hereafter. One hopes for a better future and forgets to shape the present. Hearing and vision problems develop, tendency to collapse (where else would you like to be!). There is little energy available in the present (you need it for the dream world), you often have cold hands and cold feet.

Aim of the Bach flower Clematis

Clematis should help to develop a healthy relationship to reality and to use the creative potential in a meaningful way. You learn to make a connection between the physical and the spiritual world and real life becomes more interesting.