The Bach flower Crab Apple

Description of the flower Crab Apple

Crab apple is a feral cultivated apple tree that grows in forest clearings, hedges and meadows. It blooms in May with heart-shaped, pinkish red petals.

State of Mind

One feels infected, dirty and impure, inside and/or outside. One gets caught up in details.

Peculiarity Children

Children stand out because they are orderly and accurate without being asked to be. They love sorting toys and the tidy room is generally admired and praised. However, children often show a conspicuous aversion to dirt and often ask to wash their hands.

They do not feel comfortable when they are sweaty and sticky. A stain on their clothes can cause violent reactions. They seem overly correct and fussy.

Pronouncement adults

You fixate on details until you can’t see the forest for the trees anymore. One has the feeling of being unclean, clogged or in need of cleaning. One feels sinful and defiled.

The trigger can be a negative thought, a violent remark, a pimple on the face, the missing piece of work. One is so impressed and occupied with this fact and its processing that there is no energy left for the approach in larger contexts. One is more than average afraid of pollution in the environment, of insects, bacteria, infections.

This sometimes leads to compulsions that cannot be controlled, such as the compulsion to wash and clean. One also strives for cleanliness in interpersonal relationships. This leads to the fact that one wants to avoid conflicts, not let them get out. “You sweep everything under the carpet! “.

Aim of the Crab Apple brook blossom

Crab Apple should help to ensure that unimportant details are not perceived as oppressive and lead to imbalance. One assigns an appropriate meaning to things and sees them in the right perspective.