The Bach flower Elm

Description of the flower Elm

Flowering time of the Elm is between February and April. Small, bunch-shaped flowers appear before the leaves break out.

State of Mind

One is desperate and despondent and temporarily feels that one is not up to the task and responsibility.

Peculiarity Children

Children in the Elm state are usually hard-working, bright students who find all tasks easy. Sometimes they get into a situation of despondency and self-doubt, mostly when more effort is required (for example before an exam). They are afraid not to succeed and thus block their own ability to perform and concentrate.

Pronouncement adults

Elm is the flower for the strong in the hour of weakness. People with above-average abilities charge themselves up a lot and are suddenly exhausted, no longer have confidence in their own performance. Elm people have ideals, like to take responsibility and usually have the strength to master these tasks well. One takes on too much responsibility and increasing pressure then triggers the negative Elm condition. Suddenly you are weak and exhausted, everything grows over your head, you lose touch with reality and trust in your own ability.

Destination of the Elm

By taking Elm, the feeling of powerless inadequacy disappears, one stands with both feet on the ground again and trusts in one’s own efficiency, which one has so often proven.