The Bach flower Honeysuckle

Description of the flower Honeysuckle

Climber (Honeysuckle) with red, inside white flowers rarely grows wild in forests and hedges. It blooms between July and August.

State of Mind

One does not live in the present, is stuck in the past, has a longing for it.

Peculiarity Children

Children in Honeysuckle state do not like changes and react when they have to be without their parents with homesickness and crying. A stay with their grandparents is already problematic, a stay in a school country home, a change of school or place of residence turns into a catastrophe and becomes a torture for the children.

Pronouncement adults

One may live physically in the present, but mentally one is stuck in the past. The best example of this is Lot’s wife, who froze into a pillar of salt because she was looking at soda instead of looking into the future and moving forward. In this state one ignores the fact that everything flows, changes and develops.

One is frozen by looking back, glorifies the past, lives completely in memories, and would like everything to be as it was before. People in this state can’t get over the loss of a loved one, feel permanently uncomfortable in their new surroundings after a move, talk about it a lot and don’t find new friends. One mourns for a missed chance in life (“if only I had had it then!!”). One is hardly interested in one’s current problems because one is constantly in the past. One is introverted and has remarkably little memory of childhood.

Aim of the Honeysuckle brook blossom

The Bach Flower Honeysuckle is designed to make it easier to let go of the past in order to have room for new positive impressions. You learn from past experiences and manage to apply what you have learned in the present.