The Bach flower Larch

Description of the flower Larch

The larch tree grows up to 30 m high, is most common on the edges of forests and sheds its needles in autumn. The male and female flowers grow on a tree. They appear at the same time as the new, light green needles.

State of Mind

One has feelings of inferiority, feels useless and expects failures due to lack of self-confidence.

Peculiarity Children

Children in a negative Larch state are shy and shy from the beginning. Older children are afraid of being embarrassed, don’t say anything at school to avoid being laughed at. They are very reserved in dealing with new situations and strangers. When playing they subordinate themselves, voluntarily taking responsibility is not their thing, they shirk difficult tasks and push them in front of them.

Pronouncement adults

Larch people feel inferior to other people right from the start and they have no doubt about it! They are emotionally completely convinced of their own inability and because they know so well inside that they cannot do certain things, they don’t even try. So you take the chance to learn yourself, to change yourself again and again through new experiences and to live intensively.

The personality impoverishes, it does not unfold. What remains is a feeling of despondency and melancholy. “I have never dared”!

One has inner fears, shuns big tasks, does not take any risks, does not want to suffer failure, is afraid of embarrassment. But Larch people are at least as good, but usually more capable than others. The great fear of being exposed and laughed at in front of others is also a sign of vanity and the fact of not wanting to tackle things can also be called inner comfort.

This personality structure often leads to very good performance in professional life, but because of false modesty and lack of self-confidence, one does not dare to apply for a management position. Without envy and bitterness one admires other people who dare to take this step and are successful. The personality lacks backbone and back pain is very common.

Aim of the Larch brook blossom

Larch should help to regain a lack of self-esteem, to develop self-confidence. One can see things more relaxed, recognize that others “even boil with water”, evaluate situations and one’s own abilities soberly. One develops staying power in case of setbacks.