The Bach Flower Mustard

Description of the flower Mustard

The mustard plant grows in fields and along roadsides. It flowers bright yellow from May to July and develops elongated seed pods from the flowers.

State of Mind

Deep sadness comes and goes suddenly without any apparent cause.

Peculiarity Children

Children in mustard condition seem very serious, are melancholic, often in a bad mood and usually let everything go disinterested. Sometimes they also show a striking lack of appetite or sleep badly.

Pronouncement adults

You feel yourself enveloped by a dark, heavy, black cloud out of the blue, you are at its mercy and cannot free yourself from it even with a lot of strength. You feel like a stranger in your own life, separated from the rest of the world, trapped in your grief. One is afraid of this state because one cannot get a grip on it.

It is impossible for you to cover up your condition (like Agrimony), you show a melancholic, suffering smile. Typical physical side effects are slowing down of movements, lack of drive, delayed perception as it is often the case with depressions. As soon as people in a negative mustard state manage to accept their world-weariness inwardly and consciously experience this grief, it becomes easier to bear. The deep mustard sadness disappears as suddenly as it came, without any reason being recognizable.

Aim of the Bach flowering Mustard

Mustard brings joy back to life and dispels gloom, you develop inner clarity and cheerfulness although the black clouds are still visible above you.