The Bach Flower Oak

Description of the flower Oak

The oaks develop their flowers from April to May. Female and male flowers grow on a tree.

State of Mind

You feel depressed and exhausted, yet you keep fighting bravely and do not give up.

Peculiarity Children

In children, the negative Oak state does not occur in its pronounced form. However, if the children are very ambitious, they struggle and are not willing to be helped – even when “the water is up to their necks”. Sometimes tasks are taken over that are too much for them, but they still stick to them.

Pronouncement adults

People in a negative Oak state give themselves nothing and freeze in their own chosen continuous power stress. They have great endurance, willpower, courage, loyalty to duty, hope and high ideals. Oak-characters willingly and voluntarily take on responsibility, bite through, do not give up and would never want to be weak towards another person and ask for help.

One wants to do all tasks by oneself, cannot delegate. One does not want to disappoint the expectations of the environment, is very unhappy as soon as one cannot fulfill these duties due to limited health. You would not admit that they are overworked. Often these powerful and persistent people suffer from arteriosclerosis as an expression of internal rigidity and high blood pressure.

Aim of the Bach Flowering Oak

Oak should help to get rid of some of the inner rigidity and stubbornness, to accept one’s own limits without feeling like a failure. The tasks can be done with more joy and life is easier and more pleasant.