The Bach flower of Impatiens

Description of the Impatiens flower

The Impatiens plant with its dark green, fleshy leaves grows on damp soils along streams and rivers. The pale, reddish flowers open from July to September.

State of Mind

One is impatient, easily irritated and tends to overreact.

Peculiarity Children

Children in impatiens state everything does not happen fast enough. They are constantly on the move, talk fast and hastily, tend to make hasty decisions, are irritable and impatient with themselves and others. Can’t sit still, give the fidgets. They don’t take enough time for everything, tend to make careless mistakes because everything has to happen so quickly, they often forget half of it when they rush to sports or school.

Pronouncement adults

Impatiens people work quickly and effectively, are internally tense and find it difficult to bear the otherness of other people. They like to work alone to avoid having to be considerate of other people (who may work more slowly or differently). “Before I explain it to you, I have long since done it myself” / “Give it to me, it makes me all tingly!

You lack compassion and patience, you get aggressive, yell, run up red. One can hardly bear the awkwardness of beginners and becomes a choleric boss who makes life difficult for his apprentices. These people do not tolerate criticism, they react with outbursts of rage which, however, quickly become smoky. On a mental level, one always runs at higher speeds than the average, is hyperactive, reacts as fast as lightning, is also exhausted faster than his fellow men and develops attacks of ravenous appetite. One suffers from tension pains, tearing pain in tense muscles, cramp-like pain.

Aim of the Impatiens stream flowering

The Bach flower of Impatiens should help to release the inner tension and not to feel like a highly bred racehorse that has been harnessed in front of a plough. One develops patience, compassion and gentleness and understanding for the otherness of one’s fellow human beings. The positive qualities such as quick perception and above-average abilities can be positively passed on to the outside world. The self-induced loneliness is overcome.