The Bach Flower Red Chestnut

Description of the flower Red Chestnut

The tree (Red Chestnut) is slightly smaller than the horse chestnut. The bright pink flowers appear in spring.

State of Mind

You worry more about the welfare of other people than about your own.

Peculiarity Children

Children in Red Chestnut state have a very close bond with parents and siblings. Sentences like ” Where are you going? When are you coming back?”

have been part of these children’s vocabulary from the beginning. Fear and concern for the family, but also for pets, are conspicuously high. Children with this disposition do not want to be separated from the family, even if only for a short time.

Pronouncement adults

People in the Red Chestnut state have a strong energetic relationship with other people. They are extremely concerned about their loved ones and always fear the worst. They suffer with those they love and believe others will not notice.

One is inwardly preoccupied with the worries and needs of the family, forgetting oneself, not fearing for oneself. One believes that something could happen to the other, parents constantly urge their children to be careful, children do not manage to cut the cord. Behind harmless complaints one always suspects a serious illness.

Existing problems are not taken into account. In order not to have to think about it, one throws oneself into all kinds of activities. Outwardly relaxed, inwardly tense, one is susceptible to many kinds of drugs and has small, hidden vices.

Aim of the Red Chestnut stream flowering

Red Chestnut is designed to help children build security and independence. In adults, the character traits of care and charity are directed in the right direction and one gains confidence in the fact that one cannot keep fateful events from other people. One develops compassion while respecting one’s own personality.