The Bach flower Rock Rose

Description of the flower Rock Rose

Bushy, multi-branched plant (Rock Rose). The bright yellow flowers appear from June to September.

State of Mind

One is in inner panic, feelings of terror and acute fear.

Peculiarity Children

At some point, children experience a state of panicky fear, they tremble, cry, scream loudly and cling to their parents in search of protection. Others seem petrified, cover their ears and hide. The trigger in children does not always have to be a dramatic event, it is often banal events like a visit to the dentist or fear of a big dog. Children who start screaming at night from a nightmare (they often dream of wanting to run away or wanting to scream and not being able to) need Rock Rose. Also children who generally panic quickly, react hysterically and generally show “weak nerves“.

Pronouncement adults

In the Rock Rose state, the personality is acute and considerably threatened, both mentally and physically. It is an acute, mostly temporary condition in which something must be done immediately, the fear is in the foreground. Triggers are states of emergency like sudden illness, accidents or natural disasters.

The human being is not able to cope with this onslaught of events, one is almost out of one’s mind with fear, panic and sheer horror prevail. Even in case of fear of death in the context of asthma attacks, heart attacks, one is in a negative Rock Rose state. This state is sometimes described as the famous “punch in the stomach pit” that happens suddenly and cannot be processed by the central nervous system as quickly.

One feels powerlessly exposed to this violence and is terribly afraid (“one sweats blood and water”), cannot hear or see anything, cannot speak. Even if you have just escaped a car accident, an attack or something similar and the fear is still in your bones, you are in this state. This state is naturally only temporary, limited to a short period of time.

Aim of the Bach flowering Rock Rose

The Bach flower Rock Rose frees the personality from its fearful paralysis and panic. It relieves the fear, calms and helps to believe in the inner forces that help to master the situation. Rock Rose characters can develop heroism in a positive state, rise above themselves in states of emergency and crisis, forget their own self for the good of the other person. In a positive state Rock Rose stands for courage, heroism and steadfastness.