The Bach Flower Rock Water

Description of the stream flower Rock Water

Water from uncultivated sources, the so-called rock water, which people claim to have healing properties.

State of Mind

One is hard on oneself, has strict and hard opinions, is rigid and immobile.

Peculiarity Children

Rock Water is only effective for children when they are in kindergarten or already in school. They want to make everything excessively perfect. One hundred percent is not enough, it must be one hundred and fifty percent.

This is not out of fear of criticism or bad grades, but out of an inner need to do everything especially well. These children are always dissatisfied with their own performance, ambitious and inconsolable when results are bad. They only go to play when their homework is perfectly done. Reliable and conscientious, they are among the model students, popular with the teachers, but due to their strict nature, little recognized by their classmates. The child develops into an unpopular perfectionist, becomes inflexible and increasingly dissatisfied with itself and the world, making life difficult for itself.

Pronouncement adults

One wants to be ideal, has high mental and moral demands on oneself. One tries to realize these self-imposed obligations in daily life, but is overwhelmed by them. One tries to achieve one’s values by being strict with oneself and living ascetically.

Many things that make everyday life pleasant and enjoyable are denied to oneself, one wants to be in top form both internally and externally. Someone who appears in the swimming pool at seven in the morning, has already completed a forest run and then eats his own ground wholemeal muesli is in negative rock water condition. Or if you are the only one who wants to toast your birthday with seltzer instead of a sip of champagne.

One is an extreme anti-smoker, anti-alcoholic and fanatically sticks to this attitude. One wants to be an example for other people, but does not try to be a missionary, wants to give food for thought. People in negative Rock Water state try to become holy already on earth, they close themselves into a corset of extreme principles of movement, nutrition, religion.

Macrobiotic nutrition, hours of praying and meditating are ideals that are not easy to realize and you torture yourself with self-reproaches if you don’t succeed. So you get stuck and your personality cannot develop further. At the same time one is arrogant, proud, complacent and egocentric.

One tends to an inner arrogance, pitiful head shaking and has the feeling to know everything better. In this rigid state one no longer reacts to one’s own needs. The clinical picture of anorexia often arises from this negative rock water condition.