The Bach flower Scleranthus

Description of the flower Scleranthus

Scleranthus grows bushy and branched on sandy soils. The pale to dark green Scleranthus flower clusters appear from July to September.

State of Mind

One is indecisive, erratic, internally unbalanced. Opinion and mood change from one moment to the next.

Peculiarity Children

Children often get into the negative Scleranthus state already in the first two years of life. The multitude of impressions, impulses and thoughts cannot be brought together to form a clear focal point, wandering aimlessly back and forth. The children tend to have mood swings, appear moody, unbalanced and unstable.

In the midst of peaceful play, the child begins to cry and scream. At school, the children have problems concentrating, oscillating between opinions, thoughts and decisions. They seem unreliable because they have problems standing by a decision, are scatterbrained, forget some things because the leaps in thought make it difficult to listen.

Pronouncement adults

In the negative Scleranthus state, you are like a pair of scales, constantly in motion, swinging from one extreme to the other. The inner balance is missing, an impulse from outside is enough to see and feel everything exactly opposite. Today you find your neighbour extremely likeable, tomorrow she gets on your nerves terribly.

Decisions once made are quickly overturned, just as quickly the rejected decision is taken up again. One swings back and forth between two decisions without any result, for example, if one is to decide on a partner, a profession or a holiday destination. Emotionally, one oscillates between exulting to the skies and saddened to death, physically one is highly active or apathetic.

Sometimes Scleranthus women change their wardrobe several times a day – always according to the mood. The general inability to decide between two things costs a lot of strength, leads to despair and suffering, tears flow. In contrast to Cerato, the Scleranthus man does not ask others for advice; he tries to find solutions himself, no matter how long it takes.

Outwardly, the negative Scleranthus state also manifests itself in a multitude of superfluous movements. One makes erratic, nervous gestures. Illnesses such as fluctuating blood pressure, balance problems, motion sickness, alternation between constipation and diarrhoea develop. Wandering pain in muscles and joints is particularly typical (“well, where does it hurt today? “).

Aim of the stream flower Scleranthus

The Bach Flower Scleranthus should help to regain inner balance, equilibrium and steadfastness. You make the right decisions from the moment and have the strength to stand by them.