The brook blossom Vine

Description of the flower Vine

The climbing plant Vine grows in warmer areas. Its small, green flowers grow in dense clusters. Flowering time is in spring or early summer, depending on the climate.

State of Mind

You are a strong personality and you are determined to get your way.

Peculiarity Children

Children in Vine-state always try to get their way, if there is no other way, even with brutal beatings and screams. In kindergarten and school, the other children have to accept the games or activities suggested by them. They take over the leadership of groups, set the tone, interfere.

At home, the children are stubborn, convinced of what they are doing and they are not concerned about the criticism of their parents. They do not succeed in subordinating themselves to authorities such as parents and educators and rarely respond to their suggestions. These children should be treated with Vine at an early age to prevent them from becoming arrogant, unscrupulous, unpopular and lonely adults.

Pronouncement adults

People in the negative vine state possess great authority and assertiveness, achieving their goals through ruthlessness and oppression. One has a high claim to power, wants to oppress and subjugate the weaker ones, does not tolerate any contradiction. In the negative vine state one completely loses the feeling for the other person and becomes a victim of one’s own imaginations.

“Children must be touched hard,” even at the risk that your own children will feel no affection but only fear. “You are not to think, but to do exactly as I tell you!” One has above-average leadership qualities, finds a way out of every crisis, remains a winner, is convinced of one’s infallibility and strength, imposes one’s will on others.

The words consideration and fairness are not known, you are going over dead bodies without a bad conscience. The story is full of villains and tyrants in the state of Vine. In recent history, the followers of Hitler are certainly among them.

Also in the present there are many such contemporaries who mercilessly and cruelly oppress and torture other people. Vine people pattern other people with a strikingly challenging look, are lonely because of their behavior. The inner intransigence and tension often leads to physical pain, high blood pressure, hardening of the joints and vessels.

Aim of the Vine stream flowering

People who need Vine should learn not to use the power of their strong personality exclusively for their own benefit. It also becomes clear that strong leadership qualities are only required in temporary crises and that the rest of the time one uses one’s positive abilities for the good and not against the good of the community. One develops acceptance and sensitivity towards other people, can be an understanding superior who impresses with natural authority. One learns to delegate and help others to help themselves and find their own way.