The Gentian Bach Flower

Description of the flower Gentian

The flower of the brook Gentian grows on dry, sandy soils. The blue to dark red flowers appear from August to October.

State of Mind

One is sceptical, insecure, easily discouraged.

Peculiarity Children

Children stand out because of their negative expectations. They are easily discouraged if something doesn’t work out immediately and are quickly of the opinion: “I’ll never learn to do that”! At school they lack perseverance and it is difficult to keep up.

They suffer from feelings of inferiority and don’t trust themselves. Before starting work, the children expect it to be a five. The physical symptoms of this condition are often stomach and intestinal problems.

Pronouncement adults

One is a pessimist and expresses doubts in every situation. You always have worries and feel uncomfortable without them. One is quickly discouraged, often does not even tackle a task because one thinks it is not worth it.

Setbacks within a phase of life knock you down. You become depressed and know why. Out of healthy consideration and scepticism, a “always questioning everything” due to lack of faith and trust.

Aim of the Bach flowering Gentian

The Bach Flower Gentian should help to reduce the negative basic attitude and to look positively into the future. One must learn that difficulties can be overcome and develop inner confidence, self-confidence and positive expectations.