The sick leave after cartilage smoothing | The cartilage smoothing

The sick leave after cartilage smoothing

After cartilage smoothing, patients are usually able to walk again within a short time. It may be necessary to use crutches for 1-2 weeks to relieve the knee and thus accelerate recovery. Even if it still takes 2-4 weeks before the patient is fully loaded, work can be resumed after a short time. The individual sensation is up to the patient, work should not be started if the knee still hurts or is swollen. After a doctor has assessed the patient, the duration of the sick leave can be decided.

When will you be allowed to do sports again?

As a rule, a complete and symptom-free loading of the knee can be achieved after 2-4 weeks. However, it depends on the patient, his musculature and the individual condition. Sports with even movements, such as swimming or cycling, are advisable for the beginning, irregular sports such as tennis or football should only be resumed after complete recovery.

However, before starting any intensive exercise, a doctor should be consulted to examine the knee once again. For support and faster recovery, physiotherapy may also be advisable, also in order to avoid any incorrect loading that has led to the cartilage damage in the future. .

Pain after cartilage smoothing

Since cartilage smoothing directly removes the damage to the cartilage, the symptoms can be relieved immediately after the operation. Shortly after the operation, pain in the knee may occur due to the operation. This is usually due to the introduction of fluid and the operation itself, but it should subside after a few days.

In rare cases, pain and swelling in the knee may occur for longer days. If redness also occurs and the knee becomes warm, a doctor should be consulted.