The stream flower Wild Oat

Description of the flower Wild Oat

The oatgrass Wild Oat grows preferably in humid forests or along roadsides. The flowers are hidden in the panicles.

State of Mind

One has no clear goals, is internally dissatisfied because one cannot find his life’s purpose.

Peculiarity Children

In children before puberty this flower does not play a role. Only then, when the decision is made which profession to choose, whether to study, move out of the house and much more. You seem insecure, have a lot of ideas but cannot come to a decision.

Pronouncement adults

In the negative Wild Oat state one feels dissatisfied and unfulfilled because one does not recognize one’s calling. Wild Oat people are usually versatile and they do their work without trying too hard. But they are also ambitious and want to achieve something special.

Wild Oat stressed people often have several professions, always start something new because the old task has become boring. You deprive yourself of the possibility to reap the fruits of your labour because you tear down what you have built up yourself. Outsiders might consider this life interesting, but in reality this state of affairs costs a lot of energy and creates inner dissatisfaction.

Despite all talents life glides by and you can never bring your own work to a complete end, commit yourself to a task and become a specialist in it. Scleranthus, for example, oscillates between two possibilities, Wild Oat has many possibilities. In private life, it is often the eternal bachelors who are unable to enter into a firm relationship.

One is fickle, relies on superficial relationships, often changes partners. People in negative Wild Oat condition often fail to start a family and have children of their own. At some point in life this state is no longer attainable and one suffers from depression.

Destination of the stream flower Wild Oat

Wild Oat should help to develop inner clarity, to recognize what is meaningful and to put this into practice with determination. One can develop the ability to do many things, possibly to have several professions successfully or to have a steady relationship and family besides success in one’s job.