The Vervain brook blossom

Description of the flower Vervain

The robust, upright plant Vervain grows along roadsides and meadows. Small purple flowers appear from July to September.

State of Mind

You are irritable and fanatical and you work with overzealousness for a good cause.

Peculiarity Children

Children in the Vervain state have a great capacity for enthusiasm and are constantly striving to share it with others. They talk euphorically about the new bike, toys and want others to find it just as great. At the same time they are easily irritable, tense.

They move and talk fast. In the evening, the children are difficult to get into bed because they are still too tense and nervous about all the things. They seem strong-willed, act quickly and sometimes the tendency to be missionary know-it-alls is evident early on.

Pronouncement adults

People in Vervain state usually have a good thing in mind and cannot rest until the environment is convinced of this idea. They sacrifice their night’s rest, their evening off and try to win others over to their cause with missionary zeal, and easily overdraw their balance of power. You are tense and nervous inside and out, and if things don’t progress as you would like them to, you can hardly find peace and cannot relax physically.

In the negative vervain state you want to force others to their happiness, they are people with a sense of mission, people who cannot keep their mouth shut, people who go to their death for their ideal. You are 100% convinced of your opinion and think everyone has to do it that way. In order to achieve this, one also uses force and pressure and can be cruel.

Unfortunately these people often harm their good cause more than they benefit it without being aware of it. One forces oneself to keep on doing so with an enormous expenditure of energy, even though the forces have long since been exhausted. These are often wiry types, speak and move fast, are overexcited inside. Tension in muscles (around the chin), eyes, head. Physical activities are done with excessive energy, always using more force than necessary.

Aim of the Vervain stream flowering

People who need Vervain should learn that you can stand by your idea and still give other people the right to their own opinion. You should learn to feel when you put yourself and others under too much pressure with your enthusiasm. You can use your great energy and enthusiasm lovingly and purposefully for a good cause.