The Willow Brook Flower

Description of the flower Willow

Willow grows on damp ground, often along rivers and streams. In winter the branches glow a striking yellow-orange. The flowers grow on separate trees.

State of Mind

One is completely bitter, struggles with one’s fate, feels like a victim, resentful and self-pitying.

Peculiarity Children

Children in negative Willow state are snivelling and always complain about other children. They are very resentful and like to squeal. They blame others when something goes wrong.

At school they feel treated unfairly and react with accusations and reproaches. “I always have to answer the toughest questions!” The child always sees himself as a victim, everyone plays evil with him. These children can become unpleasant adults who do not begrudge other people anything and have a negative aura.

Pronouncement adults

In the negative Willow state, one seeks blame only in the outside world, thinking negatively and destructively. One feels badly treated by fate, resentful and in a bad mood. You have no understanding for other happy people, you try to spoil their good mood.

One is not at peace with oneself. This condition can occur from time to time, but it is temporary. However, this state can also become chronic and then it has a destructive effect on the person and his environment.

Often you get into this state when you have to give up privileges, your situation has worsened. For example when you become unemployed, enter puberty or menopause or become chronically ill. In this moment you see only difficulties and no possibility to make the best of it to some and you do not stop comparing with previous happy times.

You are a spoilsport and a grumbler because you direct your own disappointments and resentment to the outside. One feels disadvantaged and treated unfairly by the evil fate “What did I do to deserve this?” and sees the only guilt in the environment.

One’s own behaviour is not reflected upon and in no way considered as a trigger. Willow emphasizes that people can carry the inner resentment of a situation or a person for a long time without ever talking about it. It all happens subliminally, anger smoulders but never really breaks out of you.

You go through life with the corners of your mouth pulled down and a haggard expression on your face. You are surrounded by an invisible wall of negative thoughts. Often there are pronounced wrinkles around the mouth (lemon mouths).

Through the pronounced self-pity and deeply felt negative thoughts one becomes immobile, develops pain in muscles and joints. Willow types are great at challenging without wanting to give themselves. This causes other people to withdraw.

Thus the chronic Willow person becomes more and more lonely and withdraws more and more embittered. Only the negative side of life jumps out at you. Even after recovering from a serious illness, one only reluctantly admits that one is better.