Therapy after an operation | Therapy of the Achilles tendon rupture

Therapy after an operation

After surgery for a torn Achilles tendon, the foot is first fixed in place with a plaster splint in the so-called “pointed foot position” for several days. This position describes the maximum flexion of the foot in the ankle joint, so that the toes point down and the heel points up. There is currently a great deal of discussion among experts as to how long the operated foot must be protected.

Some experts are of the opinion that 2 days are sufficient, whereas other experts recommend a much longer period. In most cases, the plaster fixation is followed by the wearing of an orthosis. This special orthopaedic shoe relieves the Achilles tendon. Finally, the foot is gradually accustomed to the normal position by heel wedges.


Ultimately, the course of an Achilles tendon rupture cannot be accurately predicted. The duration of therapy can vary greatly and those affected must sometimes show a lot of patience and motivation. Under intensive physiotherapeutic and medical supervision, however, excellent results can be achieved nowadays!