Therapy of sore throats caused by the allergy | Sore throat due to allergy

Therapy of sore throats caused by the allergy

There are two approaches to treat the sore throat caused by the allergy. Firstly, the allergic symptoms should be relieved in the long term. Preparations with so-called antihistamines are suitable for this purpose.

These active ingredients act precisely on the molecular structures that are responsible for triggering the allergic symptoms. A frequent side effect of these drugs is fatigue after taking them. There are, however, newer preparations which are supposed to reduce tiredness after taking them.

You do not yet have a remedy for your allergy? Find out which medications can help with an allergy. As a further therapeutic approach, sore throats can of course also be treated symptomatically with painkillers.

In this case, you should start with a small pain-relieving effect at first, and then increase the dose if further treatment is needed. For this purpose, drugs can be used which have an effect on the entire body, i.e. have a “systemic” effect. Alternatively, there are also drugs that only work locally in the throat.

Duration of the sore throat

In the ideal case, the sore throat due to an allergy does not occur at all, because it can be effectively prevented by appropriate measures, i.e. with medication or by avoiding contact with the allergenic substance. The allergy lasts of course until the exposure is over. However, once the mucous membrane of the neck is irritated, healing can be delayed by the allergic symptoms.

The strength of the allergic symptoms and how well they can be alleviated are also decisive for the duration of the sore throat. For this reason, sore throats caused by an allergy can subside after a few days, or in the worst case accompany the affected person throughout the allergy period.