Therapy | Treating a fracture of the lateral malleolus without surgery


The first measures to be taken by the layperson in the case of an external ankle fracture are cooling, elevating and relieving the affected foot. A doctor should definitely be consulted, as only he or she can determine the extent of the fracture and thus the necessary therapy through appropriate examinations and imaging procedures. You can find more information on this topic under: Therapy of an external ankle fracture If it is an uncomplicated external ankle fracture without serious bone displacement, the treating physician will usually proceed as follows: He will straighten the affected joint by certain repositioning measures, immobilize it and, if necessary, prescribe pain-relieving medication.

Immobilization can be achieved by means of a lower leg cast for a period of approximately six weeks. This conservative treatment of an external ankle fracture without surgical intervention is almost only possible for ankle fractures of type Weber A. In the case of a complicated external ankle fracture or severely displaced fracture ends, treatment is carried out by means of a surgical procedure. This is almost always the case with a fracture of the Weber B or C type.

Prognosis/healing time

The course and healing time of an external ankle fracture depends on the degree of severity. As a rule, an uncomplicated external ankle fracture heals without consequences. Complaints such as pain under stress or numbness in the foot are possible, but these disappear after a few months.

A permanent functional disorder is rare. Complicated fractures of the lateral malleolus are accompanied by prolonged pain and a difficult healing tendency / healing time. In the case of open external ankle fractures, contamination of the wound should be avoided.

This can otherwise lead to severe infections and protracted complicated disease progression. You can find out more about the healing time of an external ankle fracture here.