Treat dark circles around the eyes with cream

Circles under a man’s eyes are not uncommon. Tiredness caused by long nights with little sleep, too much alcohol, constant work at the computer screen or frequent sun exposure quickly show up as dark shadows under the eyes. The skin around the eyes is also very thin and sensitive in men, stress, tiredness or alcohol quickly lead to dark circles under the eyes, swelling or unsightly discoloration in this area.

The right skin care cream for men can help to moisturize the skin under the eyes and make the dark circles under the eyes disappear. The cream should be used regularly to achieve a lasting and long-lasting effect. Most creams need to be applied once a day in the area around the eyes in an uncomplicated and time-efficient manner.

A cream against dark circles around the eyes for men contains ingredients such as caffeine or magnesium. These ingredients stimulate cell metabolism and increase blood circulation, reducing and refreshing swollen eyelids. A positive effect can also be achieved by ingredients such as vitamin E and kojic acid in the creams.

They moisturize and revitalize the skin. The dark circles under the eyes and the bags under the eyes, which are often pronounced in men, can be visibly reduced. The skin around the eyes suffers more and more damage over time, which becomes visible with increasing age.

For this reason, experts also recommend regular eye area creams for men from the age of 20. Although a cream can alleviate the dark circles around the eyes, the stress factors that cause the complaints should also be reduced. Because of the sensitive skin around the eyes, a special eye cream for men should be used.

However, the motto “a lot helps a lot” does not usually apply. Too much care can lead to irritation and swelling, and under certain circumstances even increase the dark circles around the eyes. The cream for dark circles should be kept in the refrigerator, as it has an additional positive effect on the fine blood vessels around the eye when cooled.

The cream should be massaged into the area under the eyes with small tapping movements, as this additionally promotes blood circulation. Men’s dark circles under the eyes can be subtly covered with make-up in addition to the caring cream. Sparing application of a covering cream leads quickly to visible results.

Besides the basic avoidance of stress factors causing dark circles such as lack of sleep, too little drinking, nicotine and alcohol, various creams and care products against dark circles can also be used for women. The creams should be especially suitable for the skin around the eyes as the skin there is very thin and sensitive. A distinction is made between day and night creams, whereby the day cream is often slightly tinted and thus has a covering effect on the dark circles around the eyes or the dark circles are lightened by optically correcting ingredients.

It also makes sense that the day cream contains UV protection to protect the sensitive skin against sun radiation. A night cream is usually heavily enriched with moisturizing ingredients that are supposed to regenerate the skin during sleep and improve its appearance in the long run. An eye cream for women should preferably not contain fragrances, as these can cause allergies.

Even creams that contain harmful substances such as carcinogenic formaldehyde should not be applied around the eye area. If the cream also contains hyaluronic acid, wrinkles and crow’s feet around the eyes can be reduced and the skin smoothed. With increasing age, the skin around the eyes becomes drier.

The loss of moisture and firmness leads to the formation of wrinkles and dark circles around the eyes in (older) women. A suitable care cream for the rings under the eyes should therefore provide sufficient moisture to replenish the skin’s moisture depots and visibly reduce the rings under the eyes. The cream should be stored and applied in a cool place as the small blood vessels of the skin contract due to the cool cream and the eyes look fresh again.

At first glance, the tip to apply a cream against haemorrhoids against the dark circles appears a little strange. However, if used sparingly and with care, a hemorrhoid cream can also produce visible effects under the eyes. Such a cream contains ingredients that have a decongestant effect and can also have a positive effect on dark circles under the eyes.

However, a haemorrhoid cream should be used under the eyes with caution, as the cream is not designed for the skin under the eyes and the eye area is very sensitive. Eye creams are not a panacea for dark circles around the eyes in women, but if used regularly they can visibly improve the skin around the eyes and reduce puffiness. There is a wide range of creams and care products available in pharmacies that are designed to reduce dark circles and swelling around the eyes.

The products that the pharmacist recommends are often more expensive than those sold in a drugstore, which raises the question whether the products and creams are also better than those sold in the drugstore. Various studies have shown that the differences between a drugstore and a pharmacy are minimal. Pharmacy creams increase the moisture content of the skin under the eyes only slightly more than a cream from the drugstore.

What speaks in favor of the pharmacy, however, is that the pharmacist can give individual advice as to which cream is the right one. As the skin under the eyes is particularly thin and sensitive, it is very important that the cream does not contain any harmful ingredients that could cause allergies or irritations. With good advice from a pharmacist, you can be sure that the cream is a suitable choice, whereas with a cream from the drugstore you have to refer to the list of ingredients. High-quality creams against dark circles under the eyes can therefore be recommended by a pharmacist, but the care products from the drugstore usually have similar results.