Treat dark circles medically | Covering eye rings

Treat dark circles medically

In the past, a small operation to remove the dark circles around the eyes was performed more often. At present, however, one injects one’s own fat or hyaluronic acid under the fine skin under the orbit (eye socket) in order to create a layer between the blood vessels and the skin. This prevents the vessels from shining through more or less.

The patient’s own fat is usually taken from the thighs or buttocks and then injected under the skin. In the variant with hyaluronic acid, no own fat has to be removed. Hyaluronic acid is important for the body, because it tightens the skin and because it is located in the connective tissue, it can store large amounts of water and thus the skin appears plumper and firmer.

This also prevents the blood vessels from shining through. For these procedures, you usually have to pay the costs yourself, since dark circles under the eyes do not cause any medical complaints and it is a purely cosmetic procedure. Of course there are also side effects such as swelling or redness.