Treatment of a vaginal abscess | Vaginal abscess

Treatment of a vaginal abscess

Basically, an abscess can be treated by surgically opening the pustule with draining the secretion, by applying traction ointment or with the help of antibiotics. Infusion ointment is especially helpful in the early phase of the abscess. On the one hand, the ointment causes the pus cavity to mature more quickly and on the other hand, it also softens the skin over the abscess so that spontaneous bursting of the abscess is more likely.

However, it should be noted that the skin in the genital area is very sensitive. Therefore only a maximum of 20% pulling ointment should be used. However, if the abscess is already more advanced, surgical opening is the most promising and lasting treatment of the abscess.

For this purpose, the sensitive skin of the vaginal region can be locally anaesthetised beforehand. The abscess is then opened through an incision and the pus is removed. In addition, the former pus cavity can be rinsed with saline solution.

Under certain circumstances it may be necessary to insert a drainage into the abscess cavity for a short time to allow any remaining pus to escape to the surface of the body. In this way a recurrence of the abscess is prevented. If the inflammatory reaction is strong and there is also fever and chills, the abscess should be treated with antibiotics.

An abscess usually assumes an infection with bacteria. These can be fought by the antibiotics and further spreading in the body can be prevented. Infusion ointment is often used to treat early abscesses, as it helps the pustule to mature more quickly and softens the skin over the lesion, making it easier for the pus to escape.

The main active substance of the pulling ointment is sulfonated shale oil. This is not only said to have an anti-inflammatory effect, but it is also said to promote blood circulation and relieve pain. As the genital area is very sensitive, a maximum of 20% pulling ointment should be used.

There are also indications that the pulling ointment, if it comes into contact with a condom in the genital area, can lead to a reduced resistance of the condom to tearing. You can find more information on this topic on our main page about the pulling ointment. An attempt can be made to heal the abscess in the vagina using homeopathic remedies.

However, this should not be done if there is already severe pain or fever. In addition, there should be an improvement within four days of starting homeopathic therapy. If this does not occur, a classic surgical treatment of the abscess should definitely be resorted to and a doctor consulted. For acute inflammation of the Bartholin glands, for example, a combination of Hepar Sulfur C15 and Pyrogenium C9 is recommended. In homeopathy, hepar sulfuris is generally used for suppuration and can therefore also be used for abscesses.