Treatment of aphthae | Aphthae – What are the causes of the small bubbles in the mouth?

Treatment of aphthae

In most cases, aphthae heal on their own within two weeks, so that it is not absolutely necessary to take medication. There is no direct remedy against the occurrence of aphthae, but there are various ways to support the healing process and to relieve the pain.


Aphtae are not a rare thing and affect every person at least once. In almost 90% of cases, however, it is only very small aphthae that are harmless and disappear on their own, even if the pain is felt to be very unpleasant for a certain time. Untreated, they disappear after a maximum of two weeks.

If you support the healing process, this happens even faster, so that the aphthae can be a thing of the past after a few days. There are no measures to protect oneself directly against aphthae, as the origin of the disease is not yet fully understood. However, a healthy diet, a sufficient supply of vitamins, avoidance of stress and care of the oral cavity are a good and sufficient measure to keep the possibility of aphthae formation very low.