Weight loss with saturation | Losing weight without hunger – is that possible?

Weight loss with saturation

In contrast to traditional diets, losing weight with a degree of satiety is supposed to help you reach your desired weight without starving. The focus is on the satiety index or degree of saturation of the food. This value takes into account the energy content of foods and their nutritional value (protein content, fat, carbohydrates and fibre). The idea of losing weight with a degree of saturation is to reach for low-energy foods that have a high degree of saturation. You get satiated and lose weight anyway.

Losing weight with food supplements – is that possible?

A healthy lifestyle includes a healthy and balanced diet. Certain foods called fat burners or super foods are said to speed up weight loss. For example, chili contains capsaicin, which stimulates metabolism and digestion.

Eggs have little effect on blood lipid levels and provide the body with valuable proteins, which are essential for building muscles etc. Protein-containing foods such as low-fat quark, fish and poultry are also considered fat burners. Apples, asparagus and chickpeas are said to melt the pounds, they provide valuable vitamins and fibre.

How can I boost fat burning?

There are several ways to effectively boost fat burning and promote weight loss. A healthy diet with sufficient fruit, vegetables, eggs, fish and dairy products is part of a healthy lifestyle. Citrus fruits and food supplements with L-carnitine can give an extra boost to fat metabolism.

Hot spices such as chilli, pepper and curry are particularly suitable for boosting fat burning. Regular exercise helps to achieve and maintain the desired weight. Endurance sport is particularly effective, especially when it is done at a pulse of 55 – 60% of the maximum heart rate, the body burns fat very effectively. There are tea varieties, such as Matcha tea or ginger tea, which are said to have a positive effect on fat burning.

Evaluation – how serious are such offers?

Many offers that promise to lose weight without starving are not able to reach the desired weight on their own. Tricks such as drinking at least two litres of water a day, chewing slowly or sleeping more do not lead to the desired weight without additional changes. However, they are part of a healthy lifestyle.

If you drink enough water, sleep enough, eat enough healthy food and exercise regularly, this lifestyle leads to healthy weight loss. In the context of such a lifestyle, it helps to lose weight, with fat burners or a low-carb diet, especially with no carbohydrates at dinner. A healthy lifestyle allows you to lose weight without starving, but many promises of losing weight without starving should be critically reviewed. Our next article might also be interesting for you: Set Point Theory