What are alternatives to eye drops? | Eye drops against dry eyes

What are alternatives to eye drops?

As an alternative to eye drops, eye spray or eye gels can be used. If eye drops do not help permanently, surgical measures can be considered. Spray products, such as SimilasanTears Again, are a good alternative if you are intolerant to eye drops, as they have the same effect as the drops.

However, the application is different: the spray product is sprayed onto the eyelid with the eyes closed, then moistens the eye beyond the edge of the eyelid. There is therefore no direct contact with the eye. For this reason, many people, especially contact lens wearers, prefer the spray form of administration.

Overall, however, the eye spray only helps in cases of slight dryness of the eye. Eye spray products or eye drops are often not sufficient for very dry eyes. In this case, eye gels, such as Hylo Gel, can help.

Due to the viscous nature of the gel, the eye is moistened maximally and for a long time. Furthermore, the eye gel forms a protective film for the eye.