What are the alternatives to losing weight with acupuncture? | Acupuncture for weight loss

What are the alternatives to losing weight with acupuncture?

Since losing weight with acupuncture is not a diet in the true sense of the word , there are countless alternative diets to get rid of the fat pads . In order to lose a lot of weight very quickly, some people go on mono diets that are very radical. Examples are the fruit diet, vegetable diet or cabbage soup diet.

The pounds drop quickly, but the yo-yo effect usually follows. For a long-term dietary success, the low-carb diet is a good choice. There are various diets based on the low-carb principle, for example the Atkins diet, the Logi method or the Glyx diet.

One advantage of these diets is that you can choose the products for your diet and eat your fill. No calories have to be counted and you do not go hungry, so that these diets are also suitable for everyday working life. Such diets are particularly suitable in the long term for reducing severe overweight and maintaining the weight achieved in the long term without the yo-yo effect.

How can I avoid a yo-yo effect?

Basically, the success of the diet when losing weight with acupuncture is strongly dependent on the individual diet and sports program. Acupuncture aims rather to satiate between the main meals, to reduce cravings and to stimulate the fat metabolism. Therefore a yo-yo effect is less likely to occur with this therapy. In general, a yo-yo effect can be avoided by a long-term healthy and balanced diet and regular exercise.

Acupuncture for weight loss after pregnancy and lactation

Generally speaking, there is nothing to be said against acupuncture for weight loss or other post-pregnancy, lactation or lactation problems. When breastfeeding, acupuncture does not slow down the production of milk, as the metabolism is generally stimulated more. In addition, the side effects of acupuncture treatment are very rare and hardly ever occur at a professional doctor or alternative practitioner.

A breastfeeding woman may be worried about having acupuncture for weight loss. It is important that during breastfeeding at least 1800 calories are taken in daily with the food and no less than 500 grams per week, i.e. two kilos per month should be lost. It is important that the baby to be breastfed is provided with all the important nutrients and that the breastfeeding process is also energy-consuming for the mother. as well as weight loss during breastfeeding

Weight loss with acupressure

Gentle pressure or a small massage at the right points can help to improve digestion and stop the cravings. Acupressure ensures that the energy in the body flows better and the organs are better supplied with blood. If you activate the acupressure point “Extinguishing Lake”, which is located in the middle of the upper arm between shoulder and elbow, by pressing for 30 seconds, the feeling of satiety should begin.

One can promote the reduction of fat by activating the “Decorated Gate”. These points are located where the arms touch the body. They should be stimulated for three minutes to get the liver and fatty tissue going.